Columbus, Indiana
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I recently went to the McDonald's by Kings Island on August 6 at 17:39... We just came from Kings Island and yes NY daughter just had her bikini top on.

But the manager was a *** *** about it .. The person taking our order was very rude and then had to stand there for 20 minutes just waiting on chicken nuggets. While waiting the person who was getting our food together had put our fries on the tray...

They were freaking cold and then she got mad cuz I asked for fresh and they had no salt on them... We go to Kings island every year and trust and believe we will NEVER go to this McDonald's again...

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.

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anonymous and first born are two sociopaths with no lives who sit on the computer bashing everyones posting...what kind of mentally challenged people would have the time to do something like this...

you two disgusting wastes of spaces need to jump off a cliff...


No sympathy from me. You failed to abide by the dress code.

It doesn't matter where the location is. McDonalds is not a beach stand.

First Born Triplet

Your daughter had a bikini on, wish I was there.


Most restaurants have a no shirt, no service policy regardless of how close it is to a beach, they were not doing anything wrong about making a comment on what your daughter is wearing. Instead of complaining about their attitude you need to teach your daughter to grow up and follow the rules, unfortunately that means that you yourself have to also grow up a little bit. How hard is it for her to put a shirt on?


There is a dress code, your daughter was not at the beach, she just came form the beach, so she should wear regular clothes while in the restaurant. They were not rude to you, making your daughter abide by the dress code is not being rude.

I bet they get a lot of customers from Kings Island and none of them still wear bikini's, and if they do and are asked to abide by the dress code than they don't complain. You are really teaching your daughter wrong aren't you?