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This was what I received after ordering a 10 PC chicken nugget for my child. What is wrong with people? Is this really exceptable?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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UNACCEPTABLE! That is a freakin' piece of chicken breast sliced up.

It is not the Mcnuggets she ordered and you d@mn well know it! If someone ordered McNuggets, they should get McNuggets!


Illiteracy is so unbecoming.


Then I suggest you do something about it! Go sign up for courses at your local community college!


Amazing that you suggest I take college courses when you can't figure out my comment was correcting the spelling of the word ACCEPTABLE.

Oh, and I graduated already. But thanks.


YOU were correcting someone's English? LMAO!!!


You sliced those nuggets. Your child shouldn't be eating that garbage anyways, she is too fat. You are a horrible person.


McDonald's on Garland Avenue and Walnut is the worst place to get fast food at night do not stop here you will wait 15 minutes at the drive-thru.I would suggest Jack in the Box or any place before this McDonalds in Garland Texasand then this thing where you have to post a review!? They're asking you to post at least 50 words every time I try to post it it goes back and tells me try again OMG!

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