Jackson, Mississippi
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My daughter's chicken nugget was bitten off of at the Collins Ms store when I received hear 10 piece meal hears a picture I will not go back there anymore

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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It is here not hear. Learn how to spell!!! SMH!!!


You couldn't finish off the last nugget and decided to snap a picture huh?


I guess the other nine nuggets which aren't in the picture were good enough to eat.


I'll have to say that I have been bad mouthing McDonald's food for some time now. The truth is that I worked there for 5 years along side my mother and grandma.

Everything was going good until I was fired for having an affair with a co-worker. I have been struggling to come out of the closet for some time now. I'm a male who likes the company of other men. My boss at McDonald's caught me and "Steve" in a compromising situation during break time.

I'm glad it happened because now I can stop living this lie. Looking to meet other single men in Warren Michigan. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I do love McDonald's food.

P.S. I like big black men (I'm a petite white boy).

@Coming Out in Michigan

You're in the wrong site for that Michigan, and I'm never eating McDonald's again there is no telling what kind of special sauce you guys put on the burgers.

@Pansy Boy

Good for you Warren hope you're sleeping better at night.


Thanks, I'm working at a men's only night club now and loving every minute of it!!! I've also applied for a weekend job at the local gym so keep your fingers crossed for me.

My mom still brings me those delicious chicken mcnuggets when she comes home from a hard days work at McDonald's. I will post some pictures of myself for all of you black studs living in Warren Michigan also. You won't be disappointed!!

Maybe we could enjoy a 40 piece nugget together and listen to some techno music. I don't care what people have to say, I feel so free!!!

@Coming Out in Michigan

Little too much information, we don't care why you where fired just hope you don't get a job at any other restaurants I eat at.

@Coming Out in Michigan

I'm glad McDonlds fired you. And, I was beginning to think McDonalds had no standards.

You have set new lows when McDonalds is even disgusted by you. The last thing people want is f@gs preparing their food.