Armstrong, British Columbia

Today I met up with friends for coffee and our kids played in the play place. After *** snotty service 30 mintues passed and my 3 year old child was hurt by another kid.

I rushed over to the drink area covered in blood while blood was still poring from her face. I was asking anyone for help and the 3 girls stood 3 feet away behind the counter dumb found just watching as I was pulling napkins out of the depenser trying to put pressure on her face. Not a single bit of help ! Or even anyone cleaning up the pools of blood.

Even other customers were panicking! The staff seriously need more safety training!!!! 2 of the 3 girls were managers too!

My daughter ended up getting Sudated and 4 stitches with a ton of glue to put he chin back together. As much as I should be mad about the child smashing my daughters face intentionally I'm a little more pissed about there lack of help in emergency situation!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coffee.

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You're a mother, YOU take care of your own kid. I'm sure your kid was at fault in some way. And nobody wants to touch your kid's blood when they have to handle food.


In this day and age, if they were to even come up to your child with a cloth to clean up with you would turn right back around and sue them for using the "wrong cloth" or claim something crazy like they hurt your child when trying to help. So yes, I understand why the stood there and let the MOM TAKE CARE OF IT.

Does that make McDonalds a bad place? NO.

So why come on here and blast the company? Ridiculous

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