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What would you do if this had been your 6 yr old child?

Part of a letter I wrote to McDonalds owner..

Approx. 5:00 pm, Saturday October 22. My mother & I decided to take my son & nephew to McDonalds for a treat while we had coffee. My son & nephew wanted Mcflurries & a Happy Meal and were excited. The 3 went to sit at a table & wait for me. I took my order to the table, as I reached for my lg coffee, before I can say I had a grip on the coffee, I went to grab the cup which was not firm as the lid wasn't on properly, the cup of coffee fell over the side of the tray and spilled all over my son's stomach area & right leg. He screamed at the top of his lungs & cried loudly. My mother was sitting beside him & grabbed him to stand him up & we removed his t-shirt, tried removing his pants but he wouldn't allow us to take his pants off. I know the lid was not on the coffee cup properly. The entire contents spilled on my son. Had the lid been properly secured onto the cup, the incident would have been avoided. As my mother tended to my son, I was clearly angry and outraged. I grabbed the coffee cup and took it to the side counter & said to the server,'the *** lid was not on the cup right'. My mother asked for the manager,**** told us she was the one in charge at the time, my mother told **** we wanted to speak to the boss.**** told us she had told the boss what happened because the boss wasn't at work at the time, they don't work on weekends but the boss would be in on Monday and was aware of what happened through a phone call she placed.**** then put cream on ****'s stomach area because it was clearly red from the coffee. A man who I believed was also an employee of McDonalds was with **** and he asked me what I wanted them to do, I asked him what he would do if that had been his child and he said he would be very frustrated. I told **** that they will pay for a shirt and pants for my son as I hadn't intended to purchase clothes when I came to Walmart, she said yes, bring the receipt and she'd give me a cash reimbursement. I wrote a quick statement as she asked for one. My son was clearly hurt, humiliated & traumatized as he stood in front of at least 12 other customers shirtless. I was clearly upset and visibly shaken and so was my mother. My son was obviously hurt by the spill of coffee on him as he screamed and cried as any young child would. I didn't receive any apology from the McDonalds employee that served me the coffee but when she did come out to clean the spill she said,'the lid was on', I looked directly at her and told her,'the lid was on top of the cup but you didn't put it on the cup right' She didn't direct her comment to me, she didn't look at anyone directly when she said it. I have ordered coffee many times at McDonalds and have never been served a large cup of coffee where the lid had not been properly secured until now. The lid on my coffee should have been properly secured when my order was served to me to avoid an accident like this from happening, after all the coffee served does come with a lid. This was a horrifying ordeal for all of us.

I believe my claim is reasonable that it's the fault of the McDonalds employee that served me my order. The server has a duty that lids on large hot coffee should be properly, securely affixed to the coffee cup because when you receive your order of coffee at McDonalds, you get the coffee cup with a lid attached to prevent horrible accidents such as this one and I trusted that the lid had been properly and securely put on. It's my responsibility to realize that coffee is HOT and to be careful, but it is the responsibility of the person handing it to me to affix the lid on tightly and securely. Lids that are put on properly, especially for coffee cups, should not just come off when a person goes to grab it off of a tray in front of them. If you have any type of surveillance, that will conclude my claim.

**Wish I had known the lid was not on properly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coffee.

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It's laughable that you're blaming them for this. It was just an accident.

Even if they didn't put the lid on right, why didn't you check it first before you picked up the cup? Most people can still pick up the coffee cup properly whether or not it's "firm." This wasn't their fault. It was an accident- an accident that you caused.

Yes, you caused it- not McDonalds. *** complaint.


Last time I was in McDonald's I ordered a McChicken. I requested it to be grilled and without being told I was charged an additional 1.50 for it.

Instead of my McChicken costing me 1.75 it ended up being 3.25. When I talked to the manager they told me that it was the difference between a McChicken and a chicken sandwich. I requested a full refund and was told I could only get a partial refund. They gave me 1.10 back which I have no clue how they came up with.

The manager showed no concern and wanted to just get back to work. I will never be comming back to any McDonalds due to how this one treated me.


I went to mcdonals at 4501 E Ben White I asked for three mcdobles and three sundaes when I got tothe window I got one sundae and I told the girl that I had asked for thre sundaes and she make me a engry face I got engry too when she did that, instead of getting me two more and said im sorry she made an angry face to me. Im not coming back to this store.

I hope yall do something because you are loosing costumers. Store# 15170


delivery is very slow !!!! i very angry !!! i order 9o'clock 11:30 reach my home


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This evening my family and I wanted to spend money at store 5503 in Midlothian, Virginia - but we stood on the front line waiting for acknowledgment and it took almost 3 minutes. It is beyond belief that an on-duty manager and cashier could not notice a family of 4.

We took our money to another restaurant next door and had a great meal. This is poor and I would like to know when they will put customers first - not last. When I asked the manager for the name of the franchise and if they were ever trained to acknowledge a customer, she was without words. I asked her who owned their franchise, she had no idea -- it was on wall to her right in embossed letters.

How clueless are these people. Never again!


Wow, what a piece of **** you are. I feel bad for your child. You are an AWFUL parent.


I ordered a cup of coffee from the drive thru and as I put the cup to my lips to take a sip, the lid was NOT firmly on the cup.. yep, you guessed it - 3/4 of the coffee spilled down the front of my shirt and I received a severe burn on my chest!

Now when I get coffee from McDonalds I make sure the lid is fastened completely on the cup.. OUCH!

that really hurt too.. it's always better to be safe than sorry!


Wow. I came on here expecting to se a real claim. What I see is a fabricated claim and poor parenting.

In your letter you state that you barely had a grip on the cup and the lid popped off. Later in a comment you said it was an accident, the children were playing around and the coffee got knocked over. It's not McDonslds' fault that the children were doing something they shouldn't have.

As for swearing at your 6 year old "all the time" and calling him things such as dummy... Shame on you. That's called verbal abuse. You know what verbally abused children grow up to be? Serial killers. Great job.


You don't "screw" the lid on top of the styrofoam or paper cup. So "screwing" something on there wouldn't have helped.

Your son was probably humiliated because you were off yelling obscenities at someone who was only trying to serve you coffee.

I cannot believe what America has come to. It's always someone else's fault and you're the one getting screwed. Man up to your own mistakes.

The coffee would have went everywhere if you were squeezing the cup. Even the slightest squeeze would have make a "properly secure" lid pop off.


Accidents happen. You spilled the coffee on your kid so take responsibility for it.

Quit your whining about your son with his shirt off and all that ***. "Horrifying ordeal"? Bah - people like you who try to pass the blame and cash in on their own stupidity/clumsiness are what ruins life for everybody else.

:cry I'm sure you are so traumatized that you'll never go to another McD's again - who am I kidding, you probably went back the same week this happened. Suck it up butterfingers.


Seriously, you picked the cup up by the lid, cup full, a small squeeze as you pick up by said lid and pop, your six year old covered in coffee to which I feel for your son. You however blamed the clerk and took no blame yourself.


Come people Ya really think She wouuld dump coffee on her kid? Highly Doubtfull Give the woman a break!!!


What's wrong with getting coffee at 5 p.m in the late afternoon? lol I see no problem with that, and of course I will be checking lids especially from McDonalds


bottom line;

everyone makes mistakes. YES the lid should have properly been secured especially because it is a hot liquid but does the cover not say "CAUTIONigence on others.

Makes for a good laugh. It is sad the young boy got burned, and yes they should have apologized but ;not your first reaction when getting swore at and screamed at...I work in customer service and let me tell you I have stories to share. haha- maybe this lady will learn next time to not get coffee without checking the lid, and to not get it at 5pm at night?

what the? lol


Interesting how the server managed to get the cup to the counter without the lid coming off. Hmmmmmm, sounds like she is after McDonalds deep pockets.

Good thing most, if not all of them, have cameras throughout the building, which is sure to have caught the mother injuring her son. Then, when the truth comes out, the police need to charge her with Child Endangerment, Carlessness, and Child Abuse!


Keep in mind that this trip was a 3 hour drive, over 300 km away from my home town and to go on a trip that far and then have it ruined like this was awful. I never said it was done purposely but what exactly are you getting out of using my name 'Annie23".

Obviously you are so interested in my story, you keep track of me and whats being written here. Not sure why whoever keeps using my name is so unhealthily keeping track if this review.


Another one I didn't post. Don't know what they get out of it. Clothes is a small price to pay for negligence. I never said she did it on purpose, I am aware that mistakes happen but this shouldn't have happened especially to my 6 year old son.

Did not post this:

Written by Annie23 on October 29, 2011

Thank you father of triplets. However I never used profanity in my original review. My review was changed and the profanity was later added by my ex husband or someone else. Than when I told everyone my review was altered someone posted with my name saying that my review was never altered making it look like I am the one who posted the profanity and demanded my son get new clothes out of the deal. I never asked for new clothing. I only wanted cheap clothes to replace the wet ones so he could go home in comfort as you said. That is the only reason I asked for new clothes. I asked for four pairs of shirts and pants because he could not make up his mind and they only gave him one pair.(or they rather only paid for on pair the cheapest ones.


Hope someone takes away your computer, get off, get off.


:x This woman is absolutley BONKERS! How can she say the things she's said and keep a straight face!?


This woman needs help. So does her son apparently, to get away from her before she does any permanent damage.