Kuwait, Al Kuwayt

yesterday we were in cornihce branch of mcdonalds in kuwait n we order mcspicy large meal but the sandwich in this meal was of too much low quaility then in normal days i am regular customer of mcdonalds in kuwait but this time i got the meal of toooooo much low quaility in which burger burns was not of same day means not fresh n the burger was only full of lattuce only in very *** was also so please do enquiry about this my order no is 43-reg14 crew id 50 samaniego MFY SIDE 2 DATE 17/11/2010 23;19;28 TIME O.K.


Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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nice comment above! lol this sounds like a spoiled *** kuwaiti. the SAME kind that drives up to bakalas and honks their horn because they are too lazy to go inside themselves...lazy people


Well,obviously it's time to issue a fatwa and declare jihad.

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