Minneapolis, Minnesota

I work in customer service too and can understand if there is a little bit of a wait when it gets busy. But after this terrible experience I had at this McDonald's location.

I will never go there again and will recommend anyone to go there. This happened at 5525 Xerxes Ave N. Brooklyn Center, MN 55330. It 11 pm, as I drive up to McDonald's the parking lot is nearly deserted, only one car in the parking lot.

I drove up to the drive thru. There was already a car to at the first drive thru so I figured I'd to to the second one. The women tells us to wait very rudely. As I waited for over 10 mins three cars go thru the first drive thru.

The women never comes back to check in us so I asked if anyone was there since three cars had come and gone and there was no one else behind me nor the first lane. So I asked if anyone was still there. Very rudely the Women responded and told me I still need to wait when there is obviously no one in the store and no one else in the first lane. I told her I'm leaving because of her terrible customer service and If she wasn't going to take my order then I will leave.

She said she didn't care.

So I drove off. I would rather bring my business to a place where there is better management to prevent hiring people like this rude lady who probably hates her job and sounds like and acts like it in her job performance that she hates her job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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