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I was at macdonalds on e livingston in cols oh a fewxweeks bk when a lady putying it nicelyvopenly ranted abd gave fourcemployees holy *** abtchercorderctakingcseven minutes.she twice yelled shecwanted her money back.they did not respond but kept making her one offered to discuss her concerns or givechercwhat she demanded.after axminute ot two i a customer sitting fortyvplus feet away yelled i agree with you lady.i was tryingvto writecsomething and she hadxmessedcitvup.i walkefcto theccounter explaining i heardxeverything andxtold the staff to refund her way jose they made herxorder finally and she left.fifteen or twentyvcusyomers waited all that time.i asked if there were cameras there andcwad told many.i expressed amazement they let that go on it was subject to review by everybody.i was also told the owner had a no refund policy on the wall but it was covered up.that policy is ludicrouscborders on illegal and contributrd to this.also mgt personnel notcecactly problem solvers themselves saidcthey hsd no power.payvmeca little money andci could have solvedcthat messcin no time.refund managers coupon issued person asked politely to exit the premises.that *** sign that ownercconjured up wld be in the dumpster right away.btw aword to the wise hiring mgrs involves having them show they can take care of business bto song and also visit the bat rack before you step up to thecplate.two more thoughts the owners an *** also there are some people you dont want as customers i saw that one from where i was sitting why didnt anybody stopnthat at thexpass before it got out of hanf. Mike dont think ill be back either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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