Seymour, Tennessee
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8 months my family and I did not go to McDonald due to poor customer service, not getting to correct order etc. Tonight I decide to give it another chance.

They got my order wrong when I placed the order, okay no big deal they corrected it. They didn't give me half of my order at the window. Okay they corrected it.. Got home and in my box that shows it to be a double quarter pounder I find a single quarter pounder.

So I then place the call and ask for the Manager a girl named Ashley says "this is she" I explain this whole story to her and she says she will replace the order. I tried to explain this doesn't fix the problem as this is the Same reason I stopped going there in the first place. She proceeds to say she is sorry I asked for the number to the owner of the Lincolnton location she says its on the receipt I explained that it was not then she says its on the cup. I explained that it was on the drive thru window that the one on the cup is for corporate.

She pretty much refused to give me the number and handed the phone to some guy that would not give me his name he then gave me what I now know is a bogus number for Karen and laid the phone down while I am listening to Ashley talk about my "***" to her coworkers...Someone after about three minutes picks up the phone with me saying Hello and hangs up on me.. Very poor customer service very poor leadership and me and my family will Never return to any McDonalds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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It is well known that every McDonald's, anywhere in the world, never gets any order correct, today, yesterday, or tomorrow. it's a fact!


They got my order of a large fries. Just don't order things with more than one ingediant!


This must be why they think they deserve $15/hr


I usually do cook my own food but I am working 12 and 13 hours a day so I thought it may be nice that my family not have to eat at 9pm due to my work schedule for a change. Oh and just so you know I am no where near fat. But thank you for your concern.


I wonder how fat you are with all these double cheeseburgers you're eating.


Double fat...with cheese. McDonalds is disgusting. Would you want to kiss someone that just ate at McDonalds?