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In Mc Donalds' new add for their chicken mcbites they present the question, which is safer? eating their nuggets or taking various chances on things that could be dangerous, one of which is petting a stray pit bull.

Petting a stray dog [while not encouraged] is likely less certain to cause ailments then, lets see, eating mcds over and over and getting heart failure. petting a breed that was once used as a nanny dog seems much safer.

BLAME THE DEED NOT THE BREED and in this case the deed is mcdonalds poor marketing that will certainly lose business.. the nuggets i loved to give my dogs for instance i will be getting else where.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.

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I've seen chihuahua's that were more aggressive than some pitbulls. It really does depend on how they were raised as to whether they will be more easily provoked or not.

I have a pitbull mix and I wouldn't give him up for anything. My other dog is a shepherd mix and he will sit there and chew on my pitbulls ears, his tail, climb all over him but he doesn't care. No aggression whatsoever.

But honestly, I'd be quite a bit cautious approaching any stray dog, no matter what breed they were. A stray lab is just as likely to be as aggressive as a stray pitbull.


its ok for a pitbull to attack my child and kill him.....not only did one kill my child one also attack my niece several years later.....im not saying that are not sweet dogs, however they are very aggresive and milicouse animals......but you gotta have someone to make a big fuss over something so small only u() can do that.


Pit bulls have bee PROVEN to be the most aggressive and have been accountable for more deaths than any other dog.. (yes many had no previous complaints until they kill a child..

say what you want about you mutt.. the woman is Sacramento saw this as a great way to get publicity but yo have to give into every bleeding heart tho raises a fuss.. and by the way also stating the facts..

you wonder what two groups of people own more than 73% of pitbull owners surveyed.. duh..


pitt bulls are the number one dog to be put in a pound and put to sleep. We need to change this right now pitt bulls are amazing dogs.

They are loyal, kind, smart and protective over there owners. Please Please Please go out and adopt a pitt bull today!

Decrease the number of pitt bulls in the pound!


I absolutely disagree. All dogs have the potential to be dangerous and by saying one is more likely than the other is just plain ignorance.

Pretty sure my Pitbull is the sweetest dog ever. She thinks she is a 70lb lap dog and all she wants is to give kisses.


I have to disagree with the previous comment stating even the slighest provocation will cause a pit bull to become dangerous. Pit bulls generally can take more provoking than most breeds, and their results in temperment tests show this.

I agree they are more powerfull than other breeds but they rarely choose to test the limits of their power and choose to be gentle and loving. I have owned, rescued, fostered, and adopted several.

They have all been the sweetest dogs I've ever seen. I am angered too by McDonal's new add campaigne and hope they pull it.


My dog never bites ***


pit bulls are no more/less agressive than any other dogs in fact the number one dogs to *** you are small breed or dogs like golden retrievers, cocker spaniels. You are ill-informed and if mcdonalds wants to post saying petting a stray dog is unsafe, sure i'd agree but to specify a breed based on stereo types alone is a joke


Pit Bulls are a breed considered potentially very dangerous---stress the word potentially. Like a savage from the third world, most of the time pit bulls are calm and friendly beasts. However, given provocation---even the slightest and inadvertent---they become very dangerous.

Thus, it is best to avoid this breed and if you want one as a pet, fine, but make sure you will accept the consequences if something goes wrong.