Brunswick, Maryland
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Went to Mcdonalds tonight and there was only 4 people running it we went inside and we ordered 2 double cheese burgers and 1 happy meal it took me 30 minutes to get the food and the lobby was so disgusting full of grease and food and the girls that were behind the counter were playing with her hair . A young teenager came in with no t-shirt on and the McDonald employee is the one to tell him to come in.

The bathroom had *** all over it and halfway out the doors . Every since the remodel this store has gotten horrible terriAble service and slow slow service . Who ever owns this store the need to hire new employees .

I am so discusted on how this store was tonight so I won't be dining here anymore and all I can say is this store makes McDonald's looks like a disgraced I would be embarrassed if I worked at a store like this. I am usually a frequent flyer to this McDonald but no more they need to close it down or hire more people and get people that want to work

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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yeah, AND whenever you go to ANY McDonalds you are supporting the $15 wage. Try Wendy's they are much better.