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16 of Feb. 2015 at approx 1640 hrs.

Gave me wrong type of drink. Diabetic always ask for diet Dr. Pepper no ice. Well they always give me ice.

Now then wrong type. I'm diabetic. My blood sugar went to 370 .

All I drank was diet soda. Which no weren't.

I only drank 50%. I've asked them twice if diet. I ordered large reg coffee with 3 creamer n two splenda, plus two spicy chicken. Which I haven't ate.

Just drank the drink. But coffee for my mother.

We go to McDonald at 6 times a WK. Valley hi bank.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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As a diabetic myself, I am simply shaking my head that you are eating at McDonald's at all. Also, if ALL you drink is diet Dr.

Pepper, you would KNOW the difference between sugar soda and diet soda. You sound like a real ***, just sayin'.

West Hollywood, California, United States #947216

If you really are a diabetic why are you eating 2 chicken sandwiches? Give me a break!

to flint #947741

diabetics can eat what they want as long as they take the proper insulin.

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