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Drive thru food was good except where are the napkins? I mean do they expect me to wipe my greasy hands all over my clothes?

Do I have to ask for napkins? Plus where's my ketchup since I ordered a hash brown? No ketchup I understand I could have asked but no napkins? C'mon ?

And it hate the times when they make you wait around the corner like your waiting for a drug deal? Not like I ever order a lot of things usually a couple of items. And why are their chicken nugget meals so expensive.

Almost 8 bucks for some tiny little nuggets and cold fries? Ripoff

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Concord, North Carolina, United States #953804

Yes, we expect you to wipe your fat greasy face with your thick swollen fingers. You could have been wiping instead of posting your ridiculous comments you fat fuq.


For heaven's sake grow up. No matter where a person orders take out, you should check to make sure you have everything you need before leaving the site.

The Lord did give you a mouth for a reason, it is your fault that you didn't make sure you had everything you needed and then if you didn't ask for it. When you have to pull into another area to wait for your order, there is a legitimate reason you are asked to do it, but if doing that makes you feel like you are waiting for a drug deal, you must have guilty conscience.

Could you find a couple more things to complain about, while you are at it.

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