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I see an add on tv where they are making egg mc muffins and cracking an egg. This is an absolute lie to millons of people.

I have known people how have worked there and the egg that they use comes off a truck its in the shape of a log about a foot long and its slice and thrown in the warmer tray till ready to use. Its nasty and the kitchen never looks clean. Im not even sure its real egg, they never wear hair nets , the people taking your money will also put there fingers all over and inside your cup, and always *** your order. Its a shame the American puplic is to *** to wake up to the *** they are putting in there bodies.

And whats up with the fries? In 20 minu they are like some kinda rubbery sponge ***, its been a while since I ate there and I can tell the difference in my health and my *** is not like brown grease anymore.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Boy you sure have a lot of complaints and you don't actually know what you are complaining about. Restaurants haven't required their employees to wear hair nets since the 70s at the latest.

How do you know the kitchen never looks clean you also can't go by whatever a person told you. More than likely that person is exaggerating. Furthermore, if any health rules were being broken, it would have been caught at some time. Any business that handles any type of food is routinely inspected by a health inspector.

If any business doesn't make a certain score on the inspection they are given a deadline to improve things. That being the case you can put that complaint to rest. As far as that log shaped egg goes, more than likely it is the same stuff as those cartons of fake egg stuff is that is sold in the dairy department of grocery stores. I don't know if that stuff is made out of real eggs or not.

No matter what type of restaurant I have been in the fries aren't like some kind of rubbery sponge. Furthermore there isn't any word like "kinda." "TV" should be capitalized, as well as "Egg McMuffins." Exactly what does "minu" mean?

Are you aware that it isn't any of your business what other people eat?

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