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I went through the drive-through of my local McDonalds in Lincoln, Alabama and got a McFlurry as I do 3-4 times/week. When I got to the pickup window the girl handed me my McFlurry. It had ice cream and Oreo all over the outside of the cup and top (a lot) so I asked her if she would wipe it off for me. I said it in a friendly tone and said please. She looked at me as if I had just cussed her out and called her names, but didn't say a single word. I asked again and got the same look with not a word answer. I said, "Is that too much to ask of you?". She still said nothing while looking at me as if I were asking her to come outside and wash my car or something. I said, "Say yes or no or take it; something". She said under her breath, "Oh *** no!" and started to shut the window. She then turned around grabbed it out of my hands took a napkin and SLUNG it around the cup once. When she did this the ice cream that she slung went inside my car onto my car door's interior. then she slammed the window so I left. I had to not only wipe the cup clean, but also wipe the ice cream off of the interior of my BRAND NEW Mercedes Benz. Now, I've had milk shakes and ice cream products from there and other fast food restaurants before and asked for them to be wiped off. EVERY single time, except for this one, they have nicely taken it and wiped it off for me, without an attitude. This girl was WAY out of line, disrespectful, rude, and had a sense of entitlement to her. I go to this McDonalds regularly to get these McFlurries, but I'm afraid to go now because I'm afraid she, or one of her friends that work there, will spit in my food, or worse. Because of this I haven't been back. I WILL NOT be back until I know this has been dealt with and I don't have to worry about retaliation.

I am out $40 because I had to hire someone to clean the interior of my car since it is BRAND NEW!

Just for identification purposes here is a description of the girl:

African American, Petite, Shoulder length black hair (I think), and I would say medium skin tone. This happened somewhere between 2:10 and 2:45. I can't remember exactly.

Please contact me asap and let me know that this person is being dealt with and how.


Jeffrey O. Grayson

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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See that's the problem these days. If you complain about or have any problem with someone who is black, you are immediately called a racist.

So, people are so scared of having that label they let black people say and do whatever they please. Yes, there is racism rampid in today's society; against white people and any others who aren't black.


I have dealt with the same type of treatment from employees at McDonald's. The problem is consistent throughout the chain.

You have got poorly trained individuals supervising poorly trained individuals. And, they have an attitude problem.

McDonald's can shove it!

They will continue to lose market share in this country.

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