Ocean Ridge, Florida
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My elderly mother loves the fish fillet sandwich. When she visits with me I usually get her one.

(Some times once or even twice a week). This is my local store. Idiots. This is the second time they made it with so much tartar sauce that she couldn't hold it.

I took the bun off.... Scraped it... It was still drowning in tartar sauce. I had tried ordering in the past with light tartar sauce but they literally put a dab the size of a nickel on the sandwich.

I am so angry I took a photo. Ridiculous. Idiots. They think this is funny.

I called corporate. Not so funny now.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Maybe ask for the tartar sauce on the side, or visit a different restaurant or contact management. Many options, you decide what's best for your mom.


sounds like you keep your elderly mother in a cage and throw her a mcds aandwich once or twice a week lol


A sandwich like that should not go out. You can blame everybody, from the management, on down to the ignoramus that made that.

It is too bad that you don't have any real legal recourse. McDonald's should be held liable for serving something like that to a person.


Legal recourse? Fine, then I should be allowed to sue you for hurting my mind with the stupidity of your statement.


wow. you need to be put down.


A 15 or 16 year old kid is making the sandwich. It's McDonald's.


So Mom only deserves McDonalds garbage? Wow, you really care so much for her.

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