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I got A Big Mac one night for dinner, once i began to eat. The thing fell apart and it was like 4 year old kids made it.

I was completely pissed. I was about to explode. I had a horrible day, family problems. And i just begun Spring Break.

Perfect way to start of, like a 10 day break after a terrible time at school. I don't really like school, and i felt like i really needed some time off. And i just got done doing Easter things, dying eggs, Easter egg hunt. I had a fun time over at my neighbors house.

Then i come home, given *** because i didn't want to eat what was made. And then i have to be called a brat because my sister who bought it has to buy *** for me all the time. All i wanted to do is have some *** food to eat because i was starving all day! So i get some sloppy *** we call "delicious" to eat.

Perfect way to end my day! Special Sauce was everywhere. Patty kept falling out. Same with other ingredients.

I know McDonalds want to kill their costumes, but atleast they can try to *** make it exceptional. My brother was kind enough to give me his because he was full. HIS WAS EVEN *** WORSE! Everything was everywhere.

The middle bun was on the top bun, I felt like i wouldn't of been fine with a pizza for one or maybe a can of mini-raviolis. And now, i was sitting on my bed, trying to make either burger work. I was completely sick of McDonalds now.

This is what i get for not wanting a *** fajita. This is just my day!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Have your "food" made professionally, And not made like a toddler made it..

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I suggest you get back on your meds, then at least you might sound like you know what you are talking about, instead of rambling around.

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