Warren, Michigan

Ever wonder why u don't ever feel full after eating McDonald's or 30 minutes later your stomach doesn't know what's going on? It's because there is almost no nutritional value to this food and its processed chemicals it's loaded with turn this food into a unidentified substance.

Leave a bag Micky D's on the counter and come back next morning this food is scary it's got a longer shelf life than twinkys. your belly will groan mad at what u have done and when u go number 2 it will be like a baby's. It took me a life time to realize how bad this stuff really is but its never to late to quit eating McDonald's. Economically McDonald's targets a certain class of people who are less fortunate and forced to eat this stuff educated folks or more well to do don't eat this *** food it's the poor people who do.

I want to see McDonald's out of business and am trying to put a campaign to boycott there use of AZODICARBONIDE in the buns they serve the public by picketing in my city with huge signs.

Watch out folks this is not your grandpas McDonald's at least they had real beef and potatoes back in the day this *** is something completely alien processed junk food made so gross if u knew u wouldn't go back- open your burger and pull off a patty examine that sorry flat excuse for a piece of beef. #slop # pig food # I ate a Big Mac and *** out a yoga Matt!*

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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That's the biggest load I've ever heard. So yes, I'm pretty full after reading this illiterate review.


Warren, what are you doing....painting your toes? You pathetic p u s s y boy. Your review makes Corky Thatcher look like a genius.


This guy is an I d I o t.


How many people would want to follow this illiterate degenerate?

@Picketing For Education

He's a disgruntled former employee. He came out as being g a y on one of the other complaints/reviews.


I remember that the sicko said that he liked techno music and big black guys.


What does me liking other men have to do with anything? Yes I'm g.a.y so what, you act like it is against the law or something.

I can put as many *** s in my mouth as I choose!! At least I don't suck goat n.u.t.s like you do!!!

Now excuse me sir while I turn on show tunes and watch Super Size me. Morgan Spurlock is so handsome.


Warren maybe we would listen to you if you weren't so super g.a.y. We don't need to know what you like putting into your mouth.

In the future please keep those thoughts to your self. Also you may want to think about looking into getting some type of education.

You may very well be the most mentally challenged individual I've ever come across. You are an abomination of perverse proportions.


Please learn how to spell and use proper grammar before you begin your massive campaign on shutting down McDonald's.

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