Roscoe, Illinois

This place is an absolute joke. Waited over 20 minutes at lunch hour for a simple number 3 (quarter pounder w/cheese meal) in the drive thru.

They said that they didn't have any french fries. REALLY !! At lunch hour !?!? When I got home, it wasn't even the right sandwich.

It was a Big Mac. What the ***?


And I make sure that I tell everyone I know.

McDonald's needs to seriously consider replacing this management group and your staff at this facility.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds French Fries.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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You really have to consider improving your grammar. Apparently you have never been at a fast food place during rush hour.

It is possible that they wouldn't have any fries the instant that you wanted them, but they usually ask you to park someplace and when the fries are ready somebody will bring them out. It is a rare possibility that the store could have even run out of the frozen fries, and that would happen if the truck was late. The fast good restaurants are no longer preparing food ahead of time to sit under the heat lamps, it is prepared as ordered. When people order take out, it is up to the customer to look in the bag to make sure the order is right.

You can usually tell that by the wrapper on the sandwich. As far as you getting the wrong sandwich goes, all that happened is that the person that handed it to you grabbed the wrong bag. Things like that do happen. Yes, during rush hour people might have to wait for awhile in the drive thru lane.

I used to work at a fast food place and there were times that cars were lined up out to the street waiting to get up to the intercom. People at the drive thru aren't the only people placing orders and waiting for food. The people doing the cooking are cooking for the drive thru and the dining room both.

Maybe you should tend to cooking at home.

to anonymous Baltimore, Maryland, United States #965731

Really?!?!? I rarelly get the right food!!

I do not eat at McDonalds anymore for this reason. I do not mind waiting but when it is wrong most of the time you have to wait for them to correct it, and as for checking the bag I ordered the old bay fish, checked the bag, the box had the Old Bay sticker on it but when I got home wow it was a regular fish filet!!

No not for me for my wife. Leo Gets said it best "THEY *** YOU AT THE DRIVETHRU!"

Bensenville, Illinois, United States #965693

You''ll be back.

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