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I am a loyal customer to Macdonald. today one of your staff.

her name is edyline in Abu Dhabi airport branch terminal-1. she delivered a bad service to me, and lied when I asked her for garlic paste. I took two meals one for me and one for my friend she said I cant give you two garlic paste. she was very rude.

suddenly another staff interfered to serve me properly.

I have never expected such a behavior from my favorite restaurant. honestly, I dont want other customers to be treated the same way Edyline treated me today.

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Beverly Hills, California, United States #869798

Or an east indian..

to anonymous #869823

You are not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?!


The spelling and grammar and assuming that telling someone no as rude shows that this was written by a six year old child.

to Anonymous #869822

Perhaps if YOU could read, then you would have noticed that this person is in the United Arab Emirates. So, before you criticize their English, tell us how good your Arabic is!

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