Nuremberg, Bavaria

I ordered the big mac and the meat was unusually cold. after a ***, i looked at the big mac and realized the meat was sort of pink.

i thought it was fine after a while but about 36 hours later, i had severe stomach ache and went to the emergency room. the doctor said that i was infected by E.Coli and i prescribed a or. Thanks McDonaal medication, along with pills i had to take for a weeklds. You made me lose $300 for hospital fee.

YOu *** retard. I hope you're store gets taken down!

! !

Monetary Loss: $400.

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You know you can report this to the store and they send in a report to insurance so that IF something like this happens you may be compensated for it.


***. You had a bad case of the runs.

Also, there is no antibiotic prescription for e.

Coli - it has to run its course. And yes, they have to test your *** in a lab to diagnose e.Coli.

Bottom line: if it looks like *** don't put it in your mouth.


Yeah I call *** on this one.

1) Why would you eat a cold pink burger?

2) The only way to diagnose E coli is by testing your *** and sending it to a lab, there is no way you would have gotten the results right away.

3) There is no medication that treats E coli - Antibiotics and anti diarrhea medications are not give for E coli.