Atlanta, Georgia
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I went to McDonalds in a really bad mood, saw they had a Happy Meal so I bought it. It only made me steaming mad.

The hamburger was really small and the drink was a kiddie drink and it had some *** plastic toy in it. They did have some nice free napkins and straws so I took a bunch and put them in my backpack. After I ate the alledged happy meal I was madder than when I got their so I told the manager he was a *** and I wanted my money back.

I seem to have bad experiences at restaurants so I guess I will try someplace else. Avoid this McDonalds if you are mad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Hamburger.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Fake letter posted by a troll who thinks he is funny.. he has failed miserably.


You're mad about getting a kiddie drink in a KID's meal?


Are you a kid or a kid in an adult body? No manager would take your complaint seriously by bad mouthing. Be a man and get a real meal, not a kiddy meal.


Lol, I don't think this is a serious complaint anyway.


this guy must be a *** that didnt get enough food. sorry you didn't get supersized!!


:grin :zzz :grin :zzz :roll :x :zzz :grin


Is this guy for real? this is the funniest complaint I have read by far lol.


That is too funny. Good thing he did not get the H O R N Y meal. He may have *** in his pants.


McDonalds is Soylent Green


Is this "complaint" for real?

First B

No, and it seems no one is getting this is a troll complaint.


The happy meal is for little kids, stop ranting about it! You're lucky the poor manager didn't kick your sorry *** out of the restaurant!!


What did you expect and that's *** there happy meals have a regular sized hamburger so i think your just exaggerating your anger. I suggest you pop a midol and shove a tampon up your *** and *** :p


Hey Enstein, the happy meal is supposed to be for kids, not a napkin-stealing crabby-pants. You should have looked at their dollar meal. I highly recommend the content-but-bored chicken sandwich.

First B

The point is he was not feeding his hunger but his mood, he thought that the term happy meal would make him happy, it would have if they allowed him to use vodka as his drink. But this is clearly false advertising which is what this is all about.


that was funny :grin


What were you doing, yelling at the manager! You're lucky they even sold you the dang happy meal!

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