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My family went to McDonald's in Ocala (store number 7231) at 12:30am on 5/28, the manager Shayla was rude and wouldn't serve what my family asked for, "we have a menu after midnight is here response". So we placed our order and then asked for my 4 year old niece who is a picky eater to get fries and a happy meal toy, she had attitude and said "happy meals is not on the menu" we simply said if you would listen.

We just want a small fry and just the toy (my little pony) and that's it. We specially asked for that toy as she's into ponies. They handed the food after having this look on there face like she can't for us to leave and when got in the car and handed the kids there food, (a plain hamburger for my nephew, and the fries for my niece,) the hamburger felt like it almost ice cold cold like they barley placed it on the grill or stove oven and my niece ended up with some other toy that isn't even for a little girl (after the employee assured me he would get the my little pony for her since she was standing right there....) so I called to complain and ask for the manager and who picks up is Shayla who claims to be the manager and was rude on the phone with me yet again. I will be calling their district manager to file a formal complaint against this ungodly service I wouldn't even feed this to stray animals as they might get sick from half cooked food.

I would like the managers to act like a manager and have some sort of courtesy towards people cause that is not how you give customer service. Feel free to Calle 305-998-8304.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Fast food joints that stay open 24/7 or very late, do serve a limited menu after a certain time of the night. Limited menu and limited staff.

It is a bad idea sharing your phone number on such a public website, but perhaps Social Services will see your letter and investigate as to why there was a 4 year old out at 12:30 at night, eating at McDonalds. I do agree the food they serve should be hot and fresh, whatever time it is.

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