Madison, Tennessee
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UGGGHH!!! I havnt ate and i wasnt feeling good earlier so my mom said she can go get me some Mcdonalds since its just 1 mile down the street.

After she left,10 minutes went past,i called her and she said they gave her the wrong order and so she waited. I was being very patient and 20 more minutes went by,i called again and she said she is still waiting. About 5 minutes later she called me and said shes on her way. SHE WAITED FRIGGEN 35 MINUTES FOR ONE FRIGGEN BURGER!!!!

And there apology was "OH NO!" And they gave my mom three hash browns smashed together,it looks like someone chewed on it and forced it into the wrapper -_- and the burger wasnt even fresh. i ate the food anyways cause i was starving and it was the only thing we had to eat.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your mom took so long because she was blowing some black dude behind the McDonalds dumpster for a crack hit. That is where she found the hash browns.


i like this guy


So you ate it. Why are you here again?