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I am not sure what planet all you people are from, but everyone knows that McDonalds has the freshest and healthiest food served in ample, generous proportions.

The "restaurants" are always well maintained, clean floors, lack of a sticky residue on tabletops, and incredibly spacious and well-manicured restrooms. I never see any losers, down-and-outers, welfare recipients, *** or juveniles frequenting the establishment.

The employees are always well-groomed, lacking the odor of personal failure, with jubilant personalities. One can tell that the workers enjoy their professions and can't wait to excel into upper management. This is where I see the shining example of leadership; every McDonalds manager has been properly trained in the art of handling their employees, describing what is expected with clear and concise language.

It is clear that most of you ingrates are not tolerant of this restaurant and the ultimate success that this establishment makes of it's workers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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healthy. are you kidding?

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