Tempe, Arizona

Went to mcdonalds in Phoenix AZ 85040 and I was eating my food on my lunch break and I went to take the next *** and noticed this in my hot and spicy chicken sandwich. It looks like part of the foot of the chicken.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It looks like part of a pickle

Newell, North Carolina, United States #1239776

That looks like a big nasty *** bug not a foot, either way this is *** disgusting!

Balwyn, Victoria, Australia #1201032

I'm willing to believe it, but why are the pics so ***


Omg now that's something I've never seen! What the ***!


obvious sabotage, what are the chances? , exactly, next please,

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1017759

Not surprised at what was found in McDonalds food. Years ago, when my daughter was little, I ordered a couple of hamburgers and as we were eating them, we noticed little white worms crawling out of the paper they were wrapped in.

They obviously were maggots. Time passed, and we starting eating McDonalds again and last summer, my son ordered a McDonalds salad and at the very bottom when he was almost finished, there was a big rubber glove (no excuse for this kind of carelessness). McDonalds was very rude about the incident and never even apologized. My son calls their sald the "McGlovein", lol.

Have not been there since.

Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, United States #1006786

That is not supposed to be in the Spicy Chicken! That piece gets ground up and put in the McNuggets. They seriosly screwed up!


Its just gristle


Actually, to me it looks like a macaroni shell. I just looked at their online menu though and I don't see anything there with macaroni shells. Very strange.


Gross, but what do you expect?


So there was chicken in your chicken?

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