New Port Richey, Florida

for the last 4 years i was getting ice coffee everyday, then in the last 6 months there ice coffee has been so weak tasting, even when you order lite cream it still came out terrible. even went to 3 other stores in area still same.

both my daughters noticed too. so now we all go to dunkin donuts. WHATS GOING ON/ going cheap on adding cofee? Other than that the food is fine but still doesnt look like picture, but does taste good.

so please check on it, I can see maybe at one store, but we went to 4 stores. all terrible.

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What do you expect for a dollar?


It could possibly be a matter of reducing the amount of coffee a little instead of raising costs. Or they could have changed the brand of coffee they are using.

As far as the pictures of the food goes, they all photo shop the pictures or something in order to make it look really great.