Rochester, New York

//This commercial depicts older people as dim-wits. Wearing garrish clown plaid jackets; wigs that look like dead dogs etc.

I am an elderly lady and my friends do not act this way or dress this way. This is insulting.. and not funny.....The dining room scene shows two gentlemen trying to attract a lady. They then change their clothes and one wears a wig...supp0sedly to make him look younger.

This wig is ridiculous. Nobody would wear anything that looked that bad. Aside from looking like a dead dog, the wig sits on his head in crooked fashion.

No respect for the older generation here. I will never go to McDonalds again.

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Good Lord, does no one have a sense of humor? Put the old people in an ad with the pitbulls, and make sure you represent every possible nationality.

Don't make anyone too pretty or too thin because it will make chunky children feel bad.

Use chunky models, then stereotypically blame fast food for making them chunky. Did I hit everything that you idiots whine about?

Old people should be making better use of their time than this site:)


Oh then don't're awfully sensitive about your age. By this point in life, if you haven't got a sense of humor about yourself, you probably never will.


dcommerical was great very funny and I am a senior in Fla :grin


Finally! Someone is speaking the truth!

McDonald's doesn't respect old people!

What are those fatcats in Washington doing about this? NOTHING!

This country is falling apart and if we just go back to how things were when we were young everything would be better. Everyone's horrible but me!