Austin, Texas
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Today I went to the location on Thompson Street in Springdale. The girl at the speaker claimed she couldn't hear me so I spoke louder.

Turns out it was a hispanic girl and she couldn't understand english too well(yet they put her at drive thru). Then I had to repeat the order twice because every time she repeated it back to me she got it wrong. I wanted a Caesar chicken salad and a diet coke. Simple enough huh?

Then she gave me a wrong salad in the end. Lucky I checked it before I drove off. Then she informed me she would have to make me one. I parked and 5 minutes later the salad did come.

If it is on the menu outside then they should have some already prepared. I went in and had a word with the manager suffice to say. They aren't prepared for anything.

Plus the store was a mess. I have a feeling just threatening to call immigration services would have got that girl's attention a lot sooner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Probably a migrant


I don't suppose you have every worked a drive thru. However at one point in my youth I did.

As a full blooded 5th generation North american half the time I had no idea what was being said to me. You see people roll up to the drive thru, speak into a 20 year old speaker with 20 years worth of wear from being outdoors. They leave their care stereos on, engines roaring and have conversations with other occupants in the car.

Anybody, whether they be a native speaker or not would have an issue with this set up. Also, you got a fresh salad, consider yourself lucky you didn't receive one that was sitting in the cooler for three days.


Omg woman get a life your just getting sadder every time you post something aboall these places you go. I still feel bad for whoever knows you.

Hope your kid learns from someone else on how to be a decent person. But with you as its mom I highly doubt this. R we checking the spelling?

Lmao. So thanks for sounding dumber by the minute.


Get A *** LIFE LADY.


I am wondering your message a complain against McDonald's or a way to get your resentment. Usually I feel sorry for people like you that need to go over those situations. When you get the chance to go little bit farther than your backyard or your McDonald's you will be the one that will not understand a word so you will know that you are the poor ignorant.


Calling immigration services? Have you been been watching nothing but Spongebob for the past three and a half years, MrsWhatEverYouAreCallingYourselfNow? We don't deport illegal aliens anymore.


MsLea changed her name to QueenLea because Dairy Queen calls her their Queen now that she gives them business every day.


I guess it was because I was posting from my phone that it lists Austin, TX for my location. I guess my phone company comes from Austin.

The rest of my posts list Springdale, AR if you look over them and NONE of them list Chicago, Berlin or Toronto. So there you go.


"If it doesn't say Springdale"...


Hey we missed you Queenlea. And now that your location says Austin TX we know that you were never impersonated as you claimed but the IP tracker messed up.

Also as I recall your English isn't perfect.

You made many spelling and grammar errors. For example you always put the phrase me and my husband, well they teach you in the fifth grade that you should use my husband and I not me and my husband, so before you go around poking fun of someone's English take a look at your own.


Shutup IHateStuipdCustomers! Don't you have anything better to do than harrass me and other people on this site?

This complaint is obviously fake.

I have NEVER posted with Austin, TX as my location. If it doesn't say Springdale, Chicago, or Belin - THEN IT ISN'T ME!


so now you're QueenLea? get a life.

you needed to wait longer for your food anyway since you hit up Wendy's before McDonald's. if you called the immigration services then they need to call a therapist for you.