Alpharetta, Georgia

McDonalds has financial problems and alienating their customers with these sneaky upcharges is going to backfire on them. I'd love to organize a boycott at my local store and fill the parking lot and restaurant with people holding signs that say "upcharges will lead to your bankruptcy". No one would be able to get in to eat their food or pay their upcharges......sweet!!!!!!

I am so incensed about these upcharges I should boycott them myself, but I guess I'm addicted to some of the food. Always eat off the dollar menu and there won't be upcharges.

We should have a national movement against this and get them some really bad publicity - Volkswagen style!!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I had the same experience today. I ordered a meal which is shown on the menu board as including a hash brown and a hot beverage.

I was asked what I wanted to drink and I said coffee. When I looked at my receipt, I was charged an additional 29 cents "upcharge" for a medium coffee.

I never specified the size of the coffee I wanted and if asked I would have asked for the smallest size or whatever size came with the meal. Instead, I was just automatically charged extra for a drink larger than the one that is included in the price of the "meal".


What upcharges? Like when someone gets an orange juice instead of a coffee and pays the difference in price or?!?!


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