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Update by user Oct 07, 2011

Contacted McDonalds, both the franchise-owner (FO) and execs at Corporate...standard fast & cheap solution: \" next time you come we\'ll buy you the Chicken Selects...just bring a copy of this email bla bla bla\" (my reply was I dont need the free-lunch, just train your employees better in what customer-serice means & how its done...once they are trained at that particular McDonalds, email me and Ill gladly return and pay for my food as always !...otherwise, keep your chicken, there is always someone else that will take my money and offer good service..Fast Food doesnt mean close to zero customer service !! email yet...

Original review posted by user Sep 06, 2011

Ordered Chicken Selects for $3.59 (3 pieces), 1 of the 3 pieces looked 100% unacceptable: small-no chicken-all batter...requested, cordially, exchange for another one (for 1 of them), and, the Mgr & Mr Carlos said "sorry, no exchanging, you get what you get in Selects, period".

They lost me as a customer and bad-comments to anyone I know for their lowsy attitude...Receipt: Ks3, 9-6-11 14:35 Store 6904

Now, what did the Mgr & Mr Carlos gain for refusing to exchange 1 of 3selects???, they lost not only a customer but many potential customers.

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