Houston, Texas

On 12/28/2011 @ 11:27am I stopped at the McDonalds in Stafford Texas which is located within the Walmart store. I ordered a Quarter pounder with no cheese and a large fries.

The McDonald I usually order from with discount since there was no cheese ordered. When I received my ticket it was noted no cheese but the cost of the item was not discounted. I noted this to the clerk but it was explained to me there is no discount. I told the clerk and manager to cancel the order (I had not received it yet) and to refund the amount.

I was told the order could not be cancelled and no money will be refunded.

When the order came a few minutes later I just dumped the order on the counter and left the store. Local management will not return emails.

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If your ususal location was giving you that discount feel lucky. 99.9% of places would not provide that discount BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE TO.

Its like ordering the fries without salt for crying out loud. I will say I do disagree with their handling of the issue prior to the torder being received (non refund and such) but from anecsotal experience that does seem to be the norm.


Let's see if you can understand this. First off, McDonalds are franchised, which means there are different owners for different locations.

Second, most fast food places do not give a discount if you order something and ask for an ingredient to be left off. If the McDonalds you usually go to does so, it is probably because you go so often.

I also find it interesting that this whole incident has not taken place yet as you say it occurred on 12/28/2011 which is a whole week from now. Maybe you can avoid going to that McDonalds on the 28th and avoid all the drama.


I agree with them and I would not respond to childish actions, either.