Adelaide, South Australia

After ordering 2 double beef and bacon without mustard add extra ketchup which the ordering guy got completely right the *** kitchen put no sauce on the burger at all!!!! which i was really pissed off about because it wasn't possible for me to get back.

Anyway so i went to call the Mcdonalds.. looked number up etc.. found number called them once, twice, three times all the way up to a hundred and still no answer over 2 hours i am absolutely appalled!!! I want my food back and my money back grrrr!!

I actually used to work at this store and it was a *** of a lot better when I was there not so much cause of me but in general even got top score for drive through in australia one night...

NOT NOW!!.. im done thanks for listenening...

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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The end of the world is coming, no sauce on my buger. Oh my, oh my.

Such a catastrophe. Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course you didn't actually call them up to a hundred times in a two hour period. So basically you took the food home, didn't you have your own ketchup at home?

What do you mean you want your food back, you didn't say it wasn't edible. Also you took it home and didn't complain until you got home, therefore it was your food, you paid for it and took it home. You have no way of proving you didn't consume it.

Any restaurant doesn't answer their phones when they are busy. I have worked in fast food, and I have a daughter and grand daughter who are currently working in fast food and they all have the same policy, when they are busy they don't answer the phone.

My advice is to check the food before you leave the site. If nothing else when going through the drive up after you receive the order pull aside and check to make sure it is what you ordered. If it isn't what you ordered, take it inside and complain.

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