Florence, Alabama

Sat at the first intercom for 2 minutes before reversing to the other one, which actually worked. I ordered a SW chicken wrap, large fry, pralines & cream McFlurry, and a large #5 with Diet Coke.

They asked me if everything on the screen was correct- I noticed that there wasn't a large fry listed, but I figured that since the wrap was 3.99 that must have been the combo, and the mcflurry was listed separately since it was more expensive than a fountain drink. I paid at the first window. When I got to the second window the employee asked me "Did you have a large Diet Coke?". I said yes, he asked "Did you have anything else?".

I told him that I ordered 2 meals. He had me read everything off. When he handed me the bag there was only one fry in it. I told him, and he asked someone else out of sight for another large fry, then told me that they said I only paid for one.

I told him that I ordered 2, handed him my card and asked him to ring up another one. He came back a second later and told me that his Manager told him he couldn't ring anything else up at the window, that I would have to drive around again and reorder. I heard someone in the background say that "when they forget to order something they have to drive through again". I told him that I didn't forget to order it, that it was just a miscommunication.

He repeated that he couldn't ring up anything at that window. I asked to speak to the manager. He said "I just talked to the manager, so...". I told him I wasn't going anywhere until I spoke to the Manager.

The manager came over and told me in a flat tone that the couldn't ring anything up at that window. I said 'So I have to drive around, let my food get cold to reorder the same fries that I already ordered?'. She said yes. I told her that was ridiculous, and if they weren't going to ring up more fries for me, she needed to just give me another order.

She said that she couldn't just give me anything else. I asked her if she was serious, and she said yes. I said ok and drove off. I'm done with this place!

This is not the first time I've had an issue here with the order being incorrect, incomplete, cold, or just having bad customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Combo Meal.

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Okay, first things first, if the manager says no, then don't get mad at the employee that has to deliver the message. Secondly, if you noticed your screen was wrong, you say something then, not just assume.

Third, wraps are expensive by themselves, so assuming that it was in a combo was *** on your part. Also, flurries can't be substituted in for meals, so again assuming it was a meal was ***. And lastly, if you're worried about your food getting cold, don't sit at the window, holding the line up, *** about the fry that you didn't pay for.

Come in, go back around, or go home. It's pretty simple really, if they ask you if everything is correct and it's NOT correct, you fix it right then and there!


How many times did they need to repeat themselves. If the manager says that they cant ring you up, then they can't ring you up.

It's not like they charged you for both and you only got one. You would be holding up the line.


I read with amusement as it is always the same thing...."This is not the first time......"....so what?....was this the last straw....seriously....you people are a glutten for punishment. Save the money and eat at home.....


Spend your money on some real food. This fast food junk is killing America.


fat people shouldn't eat junk food

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