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First, do the new employees get any training what so ever? If they do, they need more than just one day of training and they should be trained by an experienced manager.

Second, do the fryers ever get cleaned and oil changed on a regular daily basis? Because the fries don't taste good at all.

If the fries don't taste good, this makes me question how dirty the kitchen and whole store. In my opinion, the owners of the franchises or CEO's should reevaluate all the stores or do a undercover boss show to find out what goes on in their businesses in order to correct the problems that are damaging the business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Are you aware that any business that handles any kind of food is routinely inspected by a health inspector and if they don't make a certain score, they are given a deadline to correct the problem? Also nobody knows what goes on the the plants where all the different foods/products that any restaurant sells.

You can bet your bottom dollar that everything shipped to McDonalds isn't handled the way you would want it to be. Do you honestly think a reality TV show like Undercover Boss is real?

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