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I purchased a meal at a other take away restaurant and ate it at mc donalds in westgate mall then before i could buy a drink at mc donalds a person came and told me me and my friend are not allowed to be here we must go the manager did not tell me in person so its unprofessional and when i asked for the head office number they laughed at me then the swing manager robert gave me the number but is very arrogant and i asked nicely i was about to spend r300 before they told me that. If you dont do something about it i will because its unacceptable contact me on my email as soon as possible or i will get a health and safety inspector to make a visit and go to the newspapers.......

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Quit acting like a spoiled brat! I know a lot of people who are mentally handicapped that know you don't take food from one place into another restaurant. You desperately need professional help.

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