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I bought a meal at a take away shop and went to mc donalds Westgate to finish it then buy some extra drinks and food but before i could a lady came to tell me no i am not allowed here because i have other food with me then i told her well i just finished but why dont the manager tell me himself?? Then she just walked away and when i walked to ask for the manager the people behind the tellers laughed at me and then robert the Swing manger came to me and i asked for head office number then he was witty and gave it to me i was about to buy r250 meals there as well before they told me to go eat elsewhere the manager is very unprofessional he had bad breath he looked me out like a criminal he did not even say bey when i left so you better do something or i will do it myself i will get a health and safety inspector soon dont mess mess with me because clearly robert think i was joking.

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learn how to spell


What planet are you from????????????????


Your thinking is completely messed up along with your spelling, capitalization, punctuation, along with your grammar. Most restaurants don't want food brought in from other places, it just doesn't make any sense that you would buy food at one place, then go to McDonald's for more food, and drinks.

What on earth do you mean that the manager "looked you out like a criminal?" Why should he have said "bey," whatever that means, when you left? You are making completely ridiculous threats because you don't have to get a health inspector in there, they go into any business that handles any kind of food on a routine basis and if a certain score isn't met during the inspection they are given a deadline to improve conditions-----so what would your object be in doing that? Also what happened that you think they need a safety inspection?

Exactly how old are you and should you be running around unsupervised. For somebody that thinks they know so much, you don't seem to know that this isn't the McDonald's web site, therefore your complaint is falling on deaf ears.

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