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I just came back from mcdonalds I order 20 piece nugget and 2 mc doubles and a large fry for me and my kids..I was eating the nuggets and I bit on a bone about a half of the size of the nugget messed up my tooth and I *** t my side cheek spit out a little blood and I stood at the counter for 30 mins plus waiting for a hand written paper from manager my daughter she's 10 sleeping on the table waiting to go home and my son he's 7 wanting to go home also the bone some how grew legs and walked away ..which I told the anger I wanted it back she took a pic of it and she said her cell erased the picture. ..really come on ..

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Beverly Hills, California, United States #869795

Maybe you should feed your kids real food. Also if something like that really happens document the evidence yourself and complain on a more corporate level. I would never let my child sleep on a table in an establishment get a life and take them somewhere healthy.

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