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I wrote you a while back about a remote control that a employee took that my special need son left at one of your restaurant and later found out by the manager that it was thrown in the trash so she tried to call my tv service to get them to replaced the remote but they would not take her stayement because she was not on my account,so she called me and told me they say for me to call them and I did so they went ahead and replaced the remote,but to make a long story short she the manager lied to me and my family about sending us some coupons for some free meals in which I never received but in my opinion I think the manager is just as worst than the employee,the employee lied about the remote and the manager lied about the coupons,but thanks anyway we will never patronize that mcdonald again I mean never.Liz Henderson 986 Whitehaven park circle s. Memphis,Tenn.38116 901-289-8034

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Instead of blaming them for your son forgetting the remote why not blame him, and if he is too young or disabled to remember himself why not blame yourself? You should be lucky they replaced the remote when it was your fault it got lost in the first place.

You are not entitled to free meals. Why not get a job, get off food stamps and earn your meals instead of begging for free food you are not entitled to. Why should you get free food for your mistake? It is bad enough they gave a free remote.

They throw things left behind in the trash, don't blame them because you were careless. In other words grow up. I bet the reason your special needs son has special needs is because you were drinking and using drugs while pregnant with him.

That would also explain your terrible spelling, grammar and the fact that you feel you are entitled to a free meal for your carelessness. You are still using now.

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