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This McDonald's change rules every day..3318 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19808. I have a child that work here, and every day the rules change.

Discounts werecat a point able to be given as long as the employee is working, now its when the employee is off the clock... per Justice (Manage)... then as an employee and a child under age should have a break within 4hr of working...

my child was told to wait for her break, while another employee wjo only worked 45min was able to break...she has already been there about 5hrs...(Roger manager) ...my child is not supposed to lifting..because of back problems which she informed...per Roger manager advised she was ok...this store allows certain individuals to do certain things... and its not fair...i think this store should have a secert shopper view some actions that are tooken place...

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Me thinks somebody is making up a good story here.


I sure hope your working child can spell better than you. You have absolutely no proof that all this *** your kid has been telling you is the truth.

You know what Judge Judy says about how to tell if a teenager is lying and that is "when their mouth is open." Your poor little baby is whining to you, hoping that you will go to the managers and raise cane, so that she will be able to work only when and how much she wants to. IF you really believed her stories you would be going to the state labor relations board to complain instead of whining on a general complaint site that has absolutely nothing to do with McDonalds. IF your spoiled kid has a bad back, maybe that kid shouldn't be working at a job that does require a certain amount of lifting and IF the back is that bad, I am assuming you had a DOCTOR'S note stating weight lifting requirements. Myself, I think you and your kid are acting like spoiled brats.

Doesn't this kid lift anything at all at home? If not, you are letting the brat get away with murder. No matter how bad a person's back is there is usually a certain limit as to how much weight they can lift. You comment about having a secret shopper go in to see how things are going was completely ***.

There is no way a secret shopper would see what was going on in back which is where your complaints take place, IF they actually take place. Maybe your poor little baby should quit working until he/she is mature enough to handle a job.

to Anonymous #1373968

You sound like a real sh&t. I am sure you work for McDonalds, and they pay you a pathetic extra 50 cents an hour to post phony reviews.

Have some empathy for people.

Like I said if you are an example of the management there, you sound like a real ***, lacking any consideration for people. Perhaps they really need the money, {{Redacted}}

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