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McDonalds made $138 billion dollars in 2011..and steals from their customers 3 containers of BBQ sauce!?

This is McDonalds at Euclid and Katella in Anaheim, I bought and paid for food at drive thru, all items ordered and paid for were seen by me to be in the bag, cashier asked for bag back, manager was seen going thru bag. When I was handed the bag back and drove off, and got home, the Manager had stole food items!

I had ordered several chicken Mcnugget boxes, and asked for extra sauce. The cashier put several extra BBQ sauces in bag. I took the bag and got ready to drive away, cashier asked for bag back, and handed it to the manager, and he backed away from the window and I couldn't see what he was doing.

Aparently the guy took the liberty to remove all of the extra nugget sauce I had asked for (3) that were already in my bag, and I had accepted the food from the cashier, and the @sshole removed it! The cashier, a girl was quite upset and apologised. It wasn't till I got home that I realized what she had apologised for!

Technically, since I had already taken possession of the food, the Manager illegally removed property belonging to me! Tampering with someones order is reprehensible! And McDonalds Corporate office was notified and were not very helpful. I may in fact file a Police report for theft...jerks!

This is the McDonalds at the corner of Katella and Euclid in Anaheim, a few blocks from Disneyland. The Manager was a hispanic guy on night shift.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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McDonalds, the company, made $$$ but they own property and stock and get a percentage of every franchise owners' sales. You didn't pay for extra sauce and the new girl didn't know until the manager explained. Pay for extra sauce, or see if they will "give" you some next time you go to the grocery store.


Lol I was just posting a joke review. You guys are all dumb for believing it. I was just making fun of that lady that called 911 on burgerking for forgetting her burger or something.


Chances are the cashier made a mistake and gave you too many sauces. You are just angry that you failed to trick a new cashier into giving you more than you are allowed.

Technically taking advantage of a new cashier is stealing on your behalf. If you cannot afford to pay for extra sauces do with what they give for your order. Property that you steal and cheat a new employee out of does not belong to you. I bet you shoplift and accuse others of stealing because you believe since the property is already on you it belongs to you.

Can I have your wallet.

Hey as long as it is in my possession it is mine and no longer yours. Filing a police report you will either be arrested for making a report for something so petty or you will be charged for trying to trick a new employee out of 60 cents.


but but eyes r protein heres looking at u kid


I hate n i g g ers


I'm sure you will get the same treatment as the person who called 9-1-1 over McDonalds running out of McNuggets.

PS: I think you are a few fries (and BBq sauces) short of a Happy Meal.


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You're gonna call the police over 3 containers of bbq sauce? You should have checked the bag again when they gave it back to you.

You also shouldn't be eating those nuggets, they're made up of entire ground up chickens -- eyes, bones, guts, everything.

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But did you actually PAY for those extra sauces?