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McDonald's on Shelby drive and Getwell is by far the worst Mcdonald's that I have ever been to! The lobby is suppose to open at 5AM and it is NEVER open!

The drive thru is EXTREMELY long and it literally takes twenty minutes to get through the line! I witness at least eight cars pulling off from the extremely long wait! On top of those issues, the employers are HORRIBLE! I simply ordered a fruit and maple oatmeal.

When I pulled around to the second window, I saw an employee making my oatmeal and he opened the raisins with his mouth and poured them into my bowl! When he gave me the oatmeal it was a bowl with nothing but water and fruit! This is by far the worst service in the world! I had arrived at this location at 5:32 exactly.

I work literally three minutes away at the Internal Revenue Service on Getwell and have to be at work at 6AM.

I did not leave this location until 6:04. I will post this complaint on social media.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don't stop for food on the way to work if you are on a time limit.


Why not? From what she posted, she arrived in plenty of time to order and receive her food. Sounds like this location has an absentee owner.


I have tried three locations McDonald's for oatmeal. All were horrible.

In the last year McDonald's is changed their oatmeal to a packet with hot water from a spigot. The oatmeal doesn't get thick it's watery, The oatmeal flakes do not think it was and are hired cardboard pieces. They might as well take it off the menu I wouldn't serve this to anyone!

Oatmeal they serve a year ago it was quite good and I look forward to ordering. I don't understand why you take the quality oatmeal and change it to something so awful.