Lima, Ohio
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I work on a graveyard shift. Almost every night I drive through the McDonald's on Harding Hwy in Lima, Ohio between 10:00-10:30pm to get a McCafe coffee.

Inevitably I am always told that the machine is down for the night. This place is open 24 hours. I want to know why these machines get shut down for the night?

Do you think people don't want coffee that late at night? If you can't offer everything on your menu, then don't be open 24 hours!

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Lima, Ohio McDonald's stores are dirty and service is bad. Makes one wonder about the areas customers can't see


Unless you want rotten nasty milk that has sat in the lines in the machine for a while, the machines need cleaned on an at least daily basis. The stores usually pick a time period that they sell the least and do it then. There is no way around doing this the machine will actually go in to lockout in which it will not let you do anything until the 30 min to 1 hour cleaning cycle is done.


So because they don't serve coffee, they have inconvience the other customers for other things they want by not being open 24 hours. Grow up.


"Inconvience"? Grow up Kevin!

Besides your glaring misspelling, the rest of your comment makes zero sense! Please stop posting on an adults' website and go play on the Nickelodeon kids site where you belong.


Also I may add Kevin, you are lieing on this site a lot posing as other members. Your comment still makes no sense to me and I have read it three times. It did not make sense seven hourrs ago before i posted and it does not make sense right now.