Jeffersonville, Indiana
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I go there for breakfast almost every day during the week only because they are the closest thing to where I work. The drive thru.

two lanes right? they should take an order from one side then the other side to keep both sides moving equally. These people are so *** they cant handle that, there are 2 and 3 people doing it.. They are now handing out papers for your order to be given to you in 30 seconds or less..

. what a joke. They made me pull to the curb for a freaking coke!! I mean wtf?

You pull up to the speaker and its one of two ways.. The old bitty that is in there is screaming MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER and you havent even reached the speaker but yet she still yells, when you finally get to the speaker she is very defensive. Or you get to the speaker and no one says anything.. you have to announce that you are there and then they nonchalantly say umm may I take your order, as if you woke them up.

That store needs a good cleaning out from management to parking lot cleaner. It sucks!!!!!

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First and foremost is the training issue they have. Numerous times the kids that work there are clueless on how to do their basic skills pertaining to their job. John is a very courteous manager but the co-managers below him are to narrow minded.

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