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Now, it's a McDouble, a McChicken, a 10 piece and some other *** item I can't even remember? This is an outrage. The McChicken and the McDouble are traditional dollar menu items. When they took one piece of cheese off the Double Cheeseburger and rechristened it "The McDouble", that was an atrocity, but still forgivable. But this treachery, sneaky, conniving *** will not stand. They introduced higher priced items on the Pick 2 at first -- to get...
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Anonymous Your an ***. They are two different is 2/$5 one is 2/$2.50. No one swindled you out of just cant read a menu

Omg i went to the mc donalds in stone mountain and got a small fry and mc double, and while chewing my burger something didnt seem right when chewing, so when i spit the part of the sandwich out that i was chewing, it was part of a bug, which makes me think i ate part of it before spitting my food out. Im so mad right now, i almost went back to snap on everyone in there, but instead of getting arrested for hurting someone, im just going to deal...
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