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Treated my daughter to a mc flurry, while she eating the ice cream she screams out and mention there's hair in it! My daughter has braids and is 3 years old..

I know for a fact it wasn't her hair.

This is disgusting. Contacted the manager and nothing was done!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I see Kevin Richards has taken over this review also. To the OP, I have reported him, and it would be a good idea if everyone does.

The more reports the faster we can get him kicked off of the site.


Just be grateful it was just a hair. Most people's hands are dirtier than that strand of hair.... Not as bad as you think.


English would be good!

to Anonymous England, United Kingdom #1023430

Exactly what language do you think you were reading? German?


FYI.. The manager told me to come back to get another ice cream, and I advised it was okay..

I don't need anything free sweetie!!

Just wanted to make sure people are aware!! Thanks for your feedback though!

to abrown1228 #999767

Liar liar!! You stated that the manager was contacted and did nothing. Troll!!!!

to Anonymous Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #999786

He clearly don't know you, ignore idiots like this!! He probably mad that his mom a troll!!

*** people, either way it's nasty! Don't respond to his ignorance!!!!!!

to abrown1228 #999788

Its okay Bossy123, thank you!

to abrown1228 #999920

You must have been the one on the Jerry Springer show that caught your spouse having relations with your mom.


You will do and say anything for a freebie!!!

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