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Treated my daughter to a mc flurry, while she eating the ice cream she screams out and mention there's hair in it! My daughter has braids and is 3 years old..

I know for a fact it wasn't her hair.

This is disgusting. Contacted the manager and nothing was done!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I see Kevin Richards has taken over this review also. To the OP, I have reported him, and it would be a good idea if everyone does.

The more reports the faster we can get him kicked off of the site.


Just be grateful it was just a hair. Most people's hands are dirtier than that strand of hair.... Not as bad as you think.


English would be good!


Exactly what language do you think you were reading? German?


FYI.. The manager told me to come back to get another ice cream, and I advised it was okay..

I don't need anything free sweetie!!

Just wanted to make sure people are aware!! Thanks for your feedback though!


Liar liar!! You stated that the manager was contacted and did nothing. Troll!!!!


He clearly don't know you, ignore idiots like this!! He probably mad that his mom a troll!!

*** people, either way it's nasty! Don't respond to his ignorance!!!!!!


Its okay Bossy123, thank you!


You must have been the one on the Jerry Springer show that caught your spouse having relations with your mom.


You will do and say anything for a freebie!!!