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I went in the restaurant to redeem a coupon for a free smoothie on saturday june 30 and was told they do not have any in the store. this is not the frst time this location claims to not have stock of a free coupon item.

And the store has an unpleasant odor about it. it didnt help that homeless people were being aloowed to use the disgusting. complaining to mcdonalds 800 customer service number proves fruitless.

what a sham. consumers, take your business to the location on queens blvd in kew gardens, not only do they always have everything in stock, the store smells nice and clean

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coupon.

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chances are, the coupon said something like only available at participating stores. maybe smoothies don't sell very well at that location so they decide to just not sell them?

and who cares if the homeless use a public bathroom?

they are technically part of the public so let them have that one thing. but all you care about is your free smoothie and being a cheap ***


Not all homeless people are disgusting, some just have bad luck. Even if they are disgusting would you they rather *** and take a dump in the playground where your children play or in a public washroom.

Also these homeless people have to beg for free food, just like you are begging for free smoothies. The only difference is they need the food by begging and you don't. If the conditions at the restaurant are as bad as they seem why not go to another location.

Take your business there all the time instead of expecting them to change. How long did it take you to figure this out.

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