Los Angeles, California
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At approximately 7pm on this Tuesday night we were kept waiting in the drive-thru for nearly 15 minutes after making our order. This is not the first time!

When I got to the window I asked a laughing employee what the managers name was but he wouldn't give it to us. He kept laughing and I felt that he was loaded. This kid, Akira/Akara was flirting with the two girls in front of us for a long period of time. I resent his flippant attitude, non-professional manner and smart-*** demeanor.

Only anger stops me from writing any more. There are three other McDonalds in this town and it will be easy to avoid this establishment. Funny, when you opened it was cool, then it seemed as though the management just took the early success for granted. Fire the punk.

We'll be watching. Sincerely, the Thomas family

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Simi Valley, California, United States #684800

I agree! I was able to speak with a manager who claimed to be the owner and the rudeness continued.

I ask myself daily what is wrong with people .

I am sick of the apathetic environment I live in. Care people care;)t

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