Springdale, Arkansas
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I was at the location today and the person, who was ordering at the other speaker, deliberately pulled out in front of me when she saw me going. I was already going and she was still at the speaker and she just vroomed in there nearly causing a wreck.

At the window of course it appeared the girl was giving that lady my order by mistake because I had finished first. The lady of course gave it back to the girl because she saw it wasn't her's. That was as she pointed behind her signaling it was mine. When I got to the window I told the girl what had happened and she just apologized.

Nothing, just an apology.

I expect a little more than that. I will be writing to the company over that.

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This complaint is ignorant and ***. People always want to get something for nothing and come up with the dumbest reasons of why other people and or companies 'owe them' something.

So someone cut you in line. I fail to see where that is the companies fault. They don't police those things.

I can't even believe I'm wasting my time with someone who is so clearly *** this probably won't make since to them. Get a life!


guys, I'm gonna take a guess and say MrsEmily is really MrsLea. or maybe MrLea?


I'm starting to think that MrsEmily was the crazy driver here.

Seriously, GROW UP - the world does not owe you anything, and neither does McDonalds. There was NOT a wreck, and you got your FR3@K1NG food. What the H311 is there to complain about??


Why should she even have to apologize to you for another customer. Also what more do you want your meal for free.

Seriously if you are implying you want free food go on food stamps. Don't go around begging fast food restaurants for free food for the dumbest things.


and why are people from Springdale, AR so annoying? especially MrsLea01


so.. you're blaming the employee for the crazy woman driver?

how do you know that the employee even saw her cut in front of you? for all you know, the employee got your order and thought you were next. a car pulled up and got the next order which was yours, that's common sense. I'd be yelling at the crazy woman in the car if I were you.

not the employee that was nice enough to apologize to you even though she didn't do anything wrong.

but what did you except her to do for you? give you extra food just because some insane woman decided to drive like a maniac and take your order?