Louisville, Kentucky
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I always let my five children run around and play on the gemnasium while I order the three happy meals they have to share. I set the trays down on the table than proceed to use the restroom, get napkins etc.

before we all sit down to eat our food. When I came back to sit down I could not believe my very own eyes!!! There was a *** sitting on the tray!! Mcdonalds let my five year old pick up a *** put it on our table!

I asked My son where he got it from and he said it was sitting at the bottom of the slide.

Don't they have people clean up after kids when they can't hold it?? I mean last time that happened to one of mine they noticed it right away and cleaned it no problem

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Oooh...I feel bad for the workers there, because that was actually me. Given your untended little urchins made my dining experience so unbelievably $h!tty, I thought it was only fair to return the favor.


Hey! Maybe it wasn't your kid who put the *** on your tray...

maybe it was one of the workers trying to send a message to that annoying lady who always lets her 5 kids run around tearing %$&* up while she orders food, uses the restroom, does a few lines of coke in the dining area, smokes a few cigarettes in the parking lot, etc. Nice parenting..


I think this is a fake letter made for fun, even my four year old knows not to pick another child's dung(hope dung is not filtered)


The five year old is probably the one that *** t e d on the slide and wanted to show mommy what he did.


my kids get sick when they play there...strep throat and stuff like that and no they do not clean these playlands ever!!!

Toby R

Apparently even F E C E S was edited.

Toby R

McDonald's needs to "doo-doo" more to keep the playland ***-free.


Wait a 5 year old doesn't know to leave *** alone?


I didn't know they would bleep it out but I need everyone to know it was P O O P!!!

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